Celebrity foodies & my weekend brunch review

by Forager on October 13, 2008

I love food shows. I love shows that combine food and travel even more. Particularly Tony Bourdain’s shows – A Cook’s Tour and No Reservations. Fantastic shows! I love how Tony works his witty sense of humour into his travel experiences. If you’ve seen the No Reservations Russia episode where he travels around with his friend, Zamir, or the Namibia episode where he dines on warthog – then you’ll know what I’m talking about. With Tony, you know when he’s enjoying his food (a key sign is probably your own uncontrollable salivation) or when it’s something you should avoid – like the love child of limburger cheese, durian and stinky tofu.

On the other hand, I don’t appreciate celebrity foodies like Andrew Zimmern and his Bizarre Foods show. The content of the show isn’t the problem – I’m actually quite fascinated by bizarre foods other cultures eat. It’s Andrew Zimmern’s attitude to anything he eats. He frustratingly enthuses about everything! He’s always got a disturbing orgasmic expression on his face after he tastes something and claims it’s “delicious”! It’s just not critical and you never tell whether what he’s eating is really good or not.

So following in the steps of genuine critical foodie reviewers like Tony Bourdain, below is my review of brunch on the weekend.

On Saturday we decided to try The Cove at Drummoyne – a little cafe with tables on the balcony overlooking the water & Drummoyne pool (http://www.thecoveatdrummoyne.com.au/index.htm).

This cafe has all the necessary ingredients for success – great location, beautiful views, lots of passing traffic (walkers around the bay) and a simple, hard-to-screw-up menu. Fantastic on a sunny day as it was on Saturday.

Unfortunately, I won’t be recommending this cafe (to anyone I like).

As the view was the main selling point, the owners really didn’t know how to capitalise on it. They’d left the transparent weathershield covers down on all sides of the balcony so the view was like looking through someone else’s strong prescription spectacles. And this also insulated the sound so we had to raise our voices to speak to the people next to us. They only lifted these covers when we asked them to. From the way they went about lifting these covers – they clearly don’t make it a common practice. Other than that, expensive menu, tiny portions, bland delivery (none of these are excusable) and young, inexperienced wait staff.

With so many great cafes & dining out options in the inner west, this is one that I’ll be giving a miss.

My first foodie review. Today, the Sydney inner west, tomorrow – celebrity foodie global domination! Muah ha ha! Er… or maybe just a review of something in Chinatown.

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