Virgin post!

by Forager on October 10, 2008


For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed about food – trying new food, trying strange food, taking photos of food, reading blogs about food, watching shows about food… My travels are more often than not organised around the restaurants I want to go to and the number of meals I can fit into one day. I’m always trying to get friends to try new restaurants/dishes I’ve discovered. Life is just too short not to eat well!

So it makes sense that I stop threatening to start a food blog and actually start one. If for nothing else, it’ll be my digital archive for my food discoveries.

As for the name – it’s me. I’m always foraging for food & new stuff and “otaku” is a Japanese term for obsessive interests (incidentally, I’m obsessed about all things Japanese too).

To kick this off here’s a photo of one of my favourite foods: Crab! This is a typhoon shelter crab dish we made using sauce we bought from Hee Kee Crab Expert in Wanchai, HK. We paired it with a refreshing shaved fennel, lemon & oregano salad. Not quite the same cuisines, I know, but the freshness & acidity of the salad was very palate cleansing after the spicy crab – so it works.

That’s it for my inaugural virgin post.

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