Fennel crusted pork roast

by Forager on January 29, 2009

The fennel crusted pork roast I made last night was a mix of three recipes I found on the net. It was simple, delicious and sure to be repeated in the future! It looked amazing and will be sure to impress if you’re entertaining. Here’s what I did:

The herb crust consisted of fennel seeds, whole white peppercorns, salt all coarsely ground in a mortar & pestle. Add grated lemon zest and oil to this and rub onto the pork loin (I used a 1.2 kg loin which should feed 4). Season some vegetables with salt, pepper and olive oil (we used small new potatoes and home-grown turnips from Nonno’s garden) and add them and the pork to a greased roasting tray. Roast away for 30 mins at 220 degrees C, then another hour at 200 degrees C.

Make an apple and leek puree to accompany the roast by sweating a sliced onion in some ghee and when soft add in chicken stock, chopped apple and sliced leek. Simmer until reduced to the consistency you want (about 30 – 40 mins). Puree with a stick blender. This stuff is truly yummy. I could eat a bucket of this alone. Sweet, savoury, acidic enough to complement the pork and the ghee really adds a depth of flavour. I reckon it could possibly be used as baby food too – except that it would be the tastiest baby food ever made, and the compulsory need to taste testthe puree as you’re making it would mean the baby you’re trying to feed might starve.

Anyway… Lastly, rest the pork loin for 5 minutes before slicing and serve with the roast vegatables, and a simple green salad and a nice glass of wine. Easy and minimal work!

Cook’s notes:

  • The potatoes were great but the turnips were downright nasty. Sour, bitter and utterly inedible. You couldn’t pay me to eat one of those things again. I normally don’t mind turnips but I’ll be passionately recommending to Nonno that he should never grow these ones again.
  • Next time I do this recipe I’ll try a pork shoulder with the skin on instead so I can make some herb encrusted crackling…Mmm crackling…
  • Alternatively maybe I’ll smear some apple jelly on the crust when it’s almost done roasting to get a nice crunchy toffee-like crust.

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