Hot summer days calls for refreshing ceviche!

by Forager on January 4, 2009

We had some pretty tasty ceviche on our travels through Central America. The stand out experience was at the ceviche stalls at the Panama Fish Markets (photo on left). So delicious and so many varieties!

We decided to get some ingredients from the fish markets to make our own ceviche. Our ceviche recipe contains prawns (we use cooked prawns as we found raw prawns either take too long to cook in the lime juice or required too much lime juice), octopus, white fish fillets (like perch fillets), fresh green jalapeno chillies, spanish onions, salt, pepper and loads of freshly squeezed lime juice to “cook” it all.

We left it to cook in the lime juice refridgerated for a few hours before serving it with some very thinly sliced toasted sourdough (quite frankly – much better than the traditional Salada biscuits that are served with ceviche). Ideally you’d serve it in a martini glass, but we found the volume to be too limiting and went with the larger volume of burgundy wine glasses (yes, we’re gluttons). Oh and don’t forget to serve it with a chilled white wine. Sublime!

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