Sea Bay Chinese Restaurant has a fan

by Forager on January 15, 2009

In my last post I blogged about the plethora of restaurants in the close vincity of my work. Sea Bay Chinese Restaurant on Pitt St is one of them. Today I dragged my manager along for lunch at this little eatery. He’s a burgeoning foodie and takes like a duck to water once he’s tasted a dish, becoming the ultimate self proclaimed champion of the restaurant. Every now and then I take him to a new place so he can champion that.

Today we had the cold spicy chicken salad (above left), which was refreshing but surprisingly not really that spicy at all.
We also ordered the stir-fried lamb with pepper (left) – a tasty dry dish with a fiery pepperyness with onions for extra crunch. It’s extremely moreish and evaporated with alarming speed. My manager is now groaning loadly with delight at the food and has already declared the find a success even though we’re only halfway through the meal.

Next come the steamed pork and vegetable dumplings (right). These are very good indeed and will please the fussiest dumpling connoisseurs: thick and doughy outside, juicy and tender inside and bursting with flavour. I make the chilli, soy sauce and chiang kiang vinegar dipping sauce and motion for my manager to do the same. The man is beside himself with delight and feverishly raises his hand to order more. I remind him that we still have the spring pancakes to come and as he drops his hand I think I see disappointment on his face. This is diminshed when the pancakes arrive and we eagerly tuck in (below). These pancakes are just delicious. The filling is delicious and a juxtaposition of textures and flavours – soft silky vermicelli bean thread, crunchy mung beans, chewy lamb, sweet hoi sin sauce and the hot, salty and sour addition of the dipping sauce. Delightful! The highlight for me though is the pancake “skin”. It’s warm, soft and doughy, similar to peking duck pancakes – but perhaps a little softer and more malleable. All this comes in under $38. Fantastic value.

The meal is declared a stand-out success and my manager is already making plans to bring his girlfriend. He’s never had northern Chinese cuisine and I’ve converted him – he’s already Sea Bay’s self-proclaimed champion.

Next time I’ll get him to try the potato shreds with chilli, the lamb skewers and the spicy tofu – other favourites of mine at this restaurant.

372 Pitt Street, (02) 9267 4855
Open Monday – Saturday: 11:30 – 22:30

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