All About Me

by Forager

Profile pic in Qantas loungeWelcome and thanks for reading my blog!

My name is Trina and I’m a Sydney-sider of Chinese heritage who loves to forage for tasty culinary delights! I’m always on the search for curious food adventures and more often than not, I am struck by extreme wanderlust & will pack my bags to explore foreign lands, foods and cultures whenever I can. I was originally trained as a medical research scientist before I retrained as a marketer so I have a penchant for scientific trivia which you’ll notice peppering my posts.

I have a day job in the digital advertising industry so this blog, started in 2008, is my passion that I tend to afterhours. In 2010 this blog was awarded the unexpected honour of being the first winner of the Best Blog category, awarded by the Australian Food Media Association (AFMA), the official association representing Australian food industry professionals, of which I am now a member.

Through this blog I have also had the opportunity to dabble in a number of other media, including several appearances on Simon Marnie’s Weekends show on ABC 702AM and being a contributing writer for the upcoming 2012 Foodies’ Guide to Sydney and the 2012 Eating and Drinking Guide to Sydney.

As for curiosities about me – I am currently indulging an obsessive foraging and mushroom phase (my unanswered mycophilia calling) and I would like to meet Sir David Attenborough one day.

Please leave comments on the posts (I like them!), and let me know about your favourite food haunts or any questions you might have & I’ll do my best to answer them.

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