Breathtaking dining in La Paz, Bolivia

June 12, 2010
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When we trundled into La Paz from Uyuni, spent and exhausted from the nightmare bus that rattled till my teeth shook and my organs liquefied, the Co-pilot and I checked ourselves into Hotel Europa. Once we’d scrubbed 3 days of grime off we felt recuperated and launched ourselves out into the streets of La Paz […]

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Pigging out at Restaurant Atelier, Glebe

May 22, 2010
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I’ve finally made it to the last birthday related post!  In this post I mentioned that my mother’s birthday fell 2 days before mine this year due to some glitch in the lunar calendar. Well, to crowd the birthday space just that bit more, the Co-pilot’s younger sister, Phi, celebrates her birthday the day before […]

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A lobster feast at Golden Globe Seafood Restaurant, Burwood

May 9, 2010
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If you saw my last post, you’d know that it was my birthday recently. Well, it was also my mother’s as this year her birthday fell on a date 2 days before mine. How is that possible? Well, she celebrates her birthday by the lunar calendar – the traditional Chinese calendar that shifts every year […]

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Celebrating in style at Berowra Waters Inn

May 3, 2010
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If you read my previous post – you’ll know that I just turned 30 and as it’s widely recognised as a milestone worth celebrating, I was getting spoilt by friends and family. As this year my birthday fell  on a midweek day, the Co-pilot took me to Berowra Waters Inn for an early surprise birthday […]

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The Deadliest Catch of Alaskan Crab

September 2, 2009

Oh how I love crab. I have a great weakness for these scuttling arachnids and if it appears on a restaurant menu, I’ll preferentially order it over anything else. I’ve tried a plethora of different crabs across the globe from the humble blue swimmers and meaty mud crabs widely available in Australia, to hairy Shanghai […]

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Freddy and Faheem’s Fast Food

August 26, 2009

World, please meet Freddy, the luckiest kid around. A few weeks ago the Co-pilot and I caught up with good friends, Mr & Mrs LightningDB and their gorgeous little fella, Freddy. Look at those cheeks! Even I couldn’t help but coo, cluck and indulge in a bit of cheek pinching. Freddy doesn’t mind, he just […]

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Oscillate Wildly with me

August 21, 2009

I’m not really familiar with Newtown as a foodie suburb. Truth be told, if I have any say in choosing suburbs to eat in I generally try to avoid Newtown. Not because there is a shortage of choice for food lovers and shoppers alike – that there is plenty and I love the upbeat vibe […]

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Pamper yourself at Galileo Restaurant, Observatory Hotel

July 30, 2009

Every now and then you should treat yourself to something nice. I’d been hoarding some lovely little vouchers for the Observatory Hotel Day Spa for a special occasion. But with birthdays just gone and anniversaries too far away, there didn’t seem to be a conventional reason to celebrate. Except of course that we can (and […]

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Hunanese cuisine at Chairman Mao Chinese Restaurant

July 20, 2009

We’ve been keen to try out the Hunanese fare on offer at Chairman Mao Chinese Restaurant since a recent review in the SMH. The Co-pilot and I tried to guess how Hunanese style Chinese food might taste – but this exercise largely returns blank faces. We hazarded a guess that given Chairman Mao himself was […]

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Vealy good fare at Danks Street Depot

July 8, 2009

Who says Twitter is a waste of time? Ahem *looks accusingly at the co-pilot* Well, thanks to Twitter and my lightning speed response to Chef Jared Ingersoll’s Twitter post – a week ago I scored myself dinner for two at Dank Street Depot’s produce dinner of biodynamic veal! After an extended moment of exuberant celebration […]

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