Eat & Travel

by Forager

I live to eat and travel! My favourite passions!

The Co-pilot and I love to travel and together we’ve been lucky to have been to few special places around the world (some of which I’ve written posts about), including:



  • Costa Rica (San Jose, Puerto Viejo, Arenal)
  • Nicaragua (San Juan del Sur, Granada, Little Corn Island)
  • Panama (Panama City, Bocas de Toro)


  • Finland (Helsinki)
  • Italy (Rome, Amalfi Coast, Napoli, Sicily)


  • Miami


  • Argentina (Buenos Aires, Salta)
  • Bolivia (Amazon, La Paz, Uyuni)
  • Chile (San pedro de Atacama)
  • Peru (Cusco, Lima, Machu Picchu)

But of course, there is always room to squeeze in yet more experiences!

I find it’s often too easy to default to an easy destination when planning holidays. Ours is Thailand – what’s not to love about cheap and delicious food and travel, lovely people, stunning island getaways and cheap massages and cocktails?

To ensure that we don’t default to a Thai island holiday option every year (although that’s not a bad option at all), I have a top 5 desired travel destinations list – these are the places I’d most like to get to in the near future and I remind myself about them every time we plan a holiday. The list has been updated over the years, but it currently stands at:

  1. Brazil
  2. New York
  3. Paris
  4. Santorini
  5. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

I often share this with friends and when our top 5 places match, we plot a holiday together!

So, what are your top 5 desired holiday destinations?

If you’d like to share, please leave a comment below!