by Forager

1. Who am I?

Find out in my About Me page.

2. What’s the go about foraging and mushrooms?

I first suspected it’s a passing obsession, but with over 20+ guidebooks on mushrooms, wild food, foraging and even novels on foraging; so I think it’s an obsession that’s here to stay. I like the hunting and finding aspect of foraging – like Easter Egg hunts, but more rewarding to your primal senses.

3. Am I going to hold foraging tours or can I supply foraged products to you?

Not likely in the near future as I am but a passionate amateur who likes scratching around in the wild. But I can happily have a chat with you about foraging, where I forage and my foraging resources and links.

4. What’s the go with the science?

I used to be a scientist so I can’t help it. I was originally trained in Molecular Genetics then in Immunology and did a brief medical research stint at a top Medical Research Institute in Sydney.

5. Do I accept PR press, invitations and products?

Yes, if it’s interesting and suits my blog. You’ll notice that I’m not a baker, not a desserts fiend and will rarely do consumer product reviews though. If you can find some scientific trivia angle to bait me, I’ll probably bite.

I will always disclose sponsorship if a blog post contains sponsored elements be it the ingredients, invitation – whatever it may be. If I don’t like the product or experience, I will be honest about it.

6. How do you get in contact?

Contact details are on my Contact page here.