Kitchen Table Confidential at The Aviary, Chicago

July 7, 2012
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When a new food establishment pops up in my consciousness, I transform into a virtual tyre kicker, sniffing around for potential and perusing the menu surreptiously. If it holds promise, there is a semi-serious attempt to mentally file away the find with the vague hope that it’ll be dredged up at will to save the […]

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Vietnamese eating tour – Ho Chi Minh (part 2)

July 13, 2009

The second part of the Ho Chi Minh eating tour sees us setting off for the Binh Tay markets in Chinatown. We decide to set off early and walk there leisurely before the humidity melts us and before we become sticky and irritated. The walk has us navigating the gauntlet of speeding, weaving, beeping motorbikes. […]

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Altered flavour states with miracle fruit!

May 17, 2009
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Miracle fruit. It’s all the rage at the moment and flavour tripping parties are popping up in the media and over Sydney like a throng of eager meer cats. So what is it? The short explanation is that it is a berry originating from Ghana, West Africa and it contains a protein called miraculin that […]

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Masterchef Australia: The Martini Club battle

May 7, 2009

This week I had the privilege of attending a Masterchef Australia battle. As one can expect, filming is ahead of what is currently being shown on TV – so whilst the Australian public are still watching the top 20 contestants battle it out on the telly, I was with my friend OggieBad at an event […]

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