What’s blisteringly hot? David Thompson’s Nahm, Bangkok

September 10, 2012
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One of the most popular posts on The Gourmet Forager is one recreating David Thompson’s tom yum goong recipe (Thai hot and sour soup with prawns) – one that is at first glance intimidatingly complex yet once attempted, I found it was simple, reliably reproducible yet no less impressive. The flavours were so punchy and […]

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Freddy and Faheem’s Fast Food

August 26, 2009

World, please meet Freddy, the luckiest kid around. A few weeks ago the Co-pilot and I caught up with good friends, Mr & Mrs LightningDB and their gorgeous little fella, Freddy. Look at those cheeks! Even I couldn’t help but coo, cluck and indulge in a bit of cheek pinching. Freddy doesn’t mind, he just […]

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Discovering Himalaya

May 26, 2009

A recent re-run of a Food Safari episode on Pakistani cuisine had me and the co-pilot mesmerised. We realised we’d never tried Pakistani cuisine before and took note of the restaurants featured on the program with the intention of sampling some good Pakistani fare soon. Our chance came sooner than we thought after a fortuitous […]

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