Fair Dinkum barbequed prawn dumplings

April 3, 2011
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What do we consider Australian? What’s fair dinkum Aussie? For the uninitiated, “fair dinkum” is Australian lingo for “genuine”. It is a term probably lost of the current urban and multicultural generation, but one still stereotypically associated with farmers, the older generation, and folks born and bred in the country – generally those characters we […]

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Chinese New Year – blending old and new traditions

February 11, 2011
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Gong xi fa cai! Wishing you: The vitality of dragons and horses (龙马精神, long ma jing shen)  >  good health A dragon’s vision and a tiger’s power (龙精虎猛, long jing hu meng)  >  good health Safety when going to and fro (出入平安, chu ru ping an)  >  safety and good health A long Centurian’s life […]

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Dim Sum to touch your heart

April 8, 2009

That’s what dim sum means – “to touch your heart”. Dim Sum originated in the Guangdong region of Southern China and were served at tea houses as delicious accompaniments to the tea. Originally tea and not food was the focus of tea houses, as yum cha literally means to drink tea in Cantonese. For that […]

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Xiao long bao at Din Tai Fung

February 6, 2009

I was catching up with a friend for lunch and he suggested Din Tai Fung as he had yet to try their dumplings. Din Tai Fung is a famous Taiwanese based international dumpling chain and last year a new outlet opened its doors at World Square in Sydney. Din Tai Fung offers tasty little treats […]

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Sea Bay Chinese Restaurant has a fan

January 15, 2009

In my last post I blogged about the plethora of restaurants in the close vincity of my work. Sea Bay Chinese Restaurant on Pitt St is one of them. Today I dragged my manager along for lunch at this little eatery. He’s a burgeoning foodie and takes like a duck to water once he’s tasted […]

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