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Satisfying cravings at Rockpool, Sydney

August 10, 2014
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Reviews of restaurant experiences are normally time sensitive, but given my motherhood sabbatical, the next few posts will be selected archival posts that I had the good intentions to post, but haven’t been able to until now. The experience described in this post is special for a number of reasons – for the specific period […]

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Celebrating milestones at ARIA

April 12, 2013
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Some surveys say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. One such survey came out late last year and it was the type of ‘news’ publishers and broadcasters love and made headlines. Apparently for many, the post wedding, house and honeymoon spending bonanza often leads to financial stress and even a diminished quality […]

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Securing a booking at 3 Michelin-starred Per Se, New York

April 11, 2012
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There are still plenty of unwritten posts from my trip to New York mid last year that despite good intentions, were eventually unceremoniously shoved into a dark corner and told to shut up whilst other areas of my life trounced onto centre stage. With the wedding over now, I’ve allowed my self to reminisce on […]

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Dining on 3 shiny Michelin stars at Daniel, New York

July 5, 2011
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We thought 10 days in New York would be enough to get a great taste of the city – to really get under her skin, get to know her and convince her to divulge her secrets. But we were wrong, New York unleashes an overwhelming stream of possibilities on the unsuspecting naive. “The city that […]

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South America calling

November 1, 2009
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Bienvenudos to the first post in a marathon series covering my month long travels with the Co-pilot across South America. A month! The longest holiday I’ve ever been on! Who knows when I’ll get another chance to blow all my annual leave in one go.. It pains me to think about it but as one […]

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Oscillate Wildly with me

August 21, 2009

I’m not really familiar with Newtown as a foodie suburb. Truth be told, if I have any say in choosing suburbs to eat in I generally try to avoid Newtown. Not because there is a shortage of choice for food lovers and shoppers alike – that there is plenty and I love the upbeat vibe […]

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Pamper yourself at Galileo Restaurant, Observatory Hotel

July 30, 2009

Every now and then you should treat yourself to something nice. I’d been hoarding some lovely little vouchers for the Observatory Hotel Day Spa for a special occasion. But with birthdays just gone and anniversaries too far away, there didn’t seem to be a conventional reason to celebrate. Except of course that we can (and […]

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Sparks of brilliance at Sepia

June 2, 2009

Since it opened it’s doors at the beginning of May, there has been much foodie interest in Sepia. Headed by ex-Tetsuya’s Head Chef Martin Benn and supported by Daniel Puskas of Oscillate Wildly the talent in the kitchen promises to delight the diners of Sydney with their take on contemporary Australian cuisine. Given the new […]

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Turkish delights at Ottoman Cuisine

March 31, 2009

The last time we went to Ottoman Cuisine was just over a year ago and it was such a delicious memory it was chosen again as the venue for another celebration. This time we were celebrating phase 2 of the co-pilot’s parents’ birthdays as they fall within a week of each other. When our group […]

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Decadent gluttony in the first class lounge

February 25, 2009

The co-pilot and I recently travelled to NZ to visit family on Waiheke Island. And because we were travelling internationally, we made use of the (new) Qantas first class lounge in Sydney – a small positive that comes from the co-pilot’s incessant travelling and consequent Platinum frequent flyer status. I was excited as this was […]

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