Breathtaking dining in La Paz, Bolivia

June 12, 2010
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When we trundled into La Paz from Uyuni, spent and exhausted from the nightmare bus that rattled till my teeth shook and my organs liquefied, the Co-pilot and I checked ourselves into Hotel Europa. Once we’d scrubbed 3 days of grime off we felt recuperated and launched ourselves out into the streets of La Paz […]

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Vietnamese eating tour – Ho Chi Minh (part 2)

July 13, 2009

The second part of the Ho Chi Minh eating tour sees us setting off for the Binh Tay markets in Chinatown. We decide to set off early and walk there leisurely before the humidity melts us and before we become sticky and irritated. The walk has us navigating the gauntlet of speeding, weaving, beeping motorbikes. […]

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The aroma of Vietnamese weasel coffee

June 26, 2009

From the first time I heard about Indonesian civet cat coffee many years ago, I’ve been inexplicably dumbstruck yet at the same time so very intrigued. For those that aren’t familiar with this peculiar coffee, let me enlighten you.about the er.. production process. Civet cat coffee, known as kopi luwak in Indonesia where it originates […]

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The Asian Food Odyssey – Part 3 (final): Hong Kong

December 20, 2008

The final section of our trip was spent in Hong Kong – where I really released my inner foodie and went hunting for the foodie dishes I’d researched about before embarking on this trip. Mantis prawns featured highly on this trip. They’re something I find synonymous with HK as we can’t get these critters in […]

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The Asian Food Odyssey – Part 1: Taiwan

December 15, 2008

About 1.5 months ago, I embarked on my culinary journey across Taiwan, China and Hong Kong with my folks and ate my way across the 3 countries. As always, Asia is a fantastic wonderland for foodies, with fantastic high-end fine dining fare, delicious and/or curious street market fare, and of course the best comfort foods. […]

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The declining Aussie dollar…

October 28, 2008

It’s scary how weak the Aussie dollar has become. I’m currently in the process of booking accommodation for myself in HK as I’m off this Saturday for 2 weeks and boy have I chosen a bad time to travel. Had I chosen to travel, say 2 months ago I would have been laughing! In fact, […]

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