Putting Carlton Draught’s beer-fed wagyu beef to the test

May 12, 2011
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When I was researching about artificial meat, I came across the work of Emeritus Professor Jeff Wood at the University of Bristol, a “meat expert” whose research on meat quality involves extensive taste testing of meat. That’s right – scientific research requiring consumption of steak. Is that my dream job? I have a serious bone […]

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My top 10 memorable food holidays

December 25, 2010
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What a whirlwind year! 2010 has zipped past me like the Stig in a speeding Koenigsegg, with only the whispering ghosts of his lingering cologne as a souvenir to remind you that anything ever happened. Whilst we still have days to go till we launch into 2011, it’s not premature of me to call it […]

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Animal Autopsy

November 18, 2010
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There were so many events on at SIFF 2010 that one really had to sift through the pages of events, lunches, dinners, email and impromptu twitter announcements to keep on top of the events that most appealed to our individual tastes. On one hand I relished the opportunity to seek out the rare hidden find […]

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So hungry I could eat horse meat

October 19, 2010
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The location was a closely guarded secret, the small guest list carefully canvassed and the topic discussed in hushed tones whilst surreptitiously checking for eavesdroppers. All the secrecy is for good reason as I was invited to a private 4 course dinner and the star ingredient is a topical and controversial one. On the menu […]

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