Worried about swine flu? Do as I do and develop a porcine obsession

May 20, 2009

I’ve always been a reluctant but astute student of reverse psychology. If you tell me I shouldn’t eat a particular food, I instantly develop some form of all-consuming craving for it. So I know there is much concern about swine flu at the moment, but it seems porcine is firmly on my mind and on […]

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Foraging at Orange F.O.O.D week

April 29, 2009

Our good friends DanW and KatieB visited Orange in country NSW many years ago and fell in love with the food culture prevalent in the region and have contemplated leaving the big smoke behind to start up an organic farm there ever since. The same friends were the driving force behind getting us all to […]

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Dim Sum to touch your heart

April 8, 2009

That’s what dim sum means – “to touch your heart”. Dim Sum originated in the Guangdong region of Southern China and were served at tea houses as delicious accompaniments to the tea. Originally tea and not food was the focus of tea houses, as yum cha literally means to drink tea in Cantonese. For that […]

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Transforming hominy into Pozole Blanco

March 24, 2009

Following on from my last post, I was keen to use the hominy in a pork and hominy stew known as pozole blanco, so I rushed home from my little shopping expedition out in Sydney’s western suburbs to start the stew. A fellow foodie and chef who specialises Mexican, Chef Paul (aka Foodman), kindly supplied […]

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March into Merivale – Teppanyaki Dinner

March 19, 2009

Tonight I enjoyed the second of my March into Merivale dinners. After my first March into Merivale dinner at the relaxed Ash St Cellar last week, this time we ventured to Teppanyaki which was decidely more sleek and upmarket. Again – the venue had been chosen on the basis of the meal offered and we […]

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Incredibly easy egg & pancetta tart

March 16, 2009

I received a few cookbooks for Christmas last year, one being Valli Little’s “Faking It” cookbook. I was perusing through this the other day and came across a recipe for an egg and pancetta tart – so we decided to make it. Well, more precisely – I decided to make it and the co-pilot actually […]

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March into Merivale – Dinner at Ash St Cellar

March 16, 2009

Last week I went to the first of a series of March into Merivale dinners. The co-pilot and I gathered a group of food-loving friends and after perusing the menus offered by each of the Merivale restaurants at length and a process of democratic voting, we went with the fennel spiced pork cutlet with fresh […]

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Fennel crusted pork roast

January 29, 2009

The fennel crusted pork roast I made last night was a mix of three recipes I found on the net. It was simple, delicious and sure to be repeated in the future! It looked amazing and will be sure to impress if you’re entertaining. Here’s what I did: The herb crust consisted of fennel seeds, […]

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The best tonkatsu in Sydney

January 7, 2009

Such was the claim at Miso, World Square, one of the Japanese restaurants in the Masyua group (they also own Makoto on nearby Liverpool St – otherwise known as best sushi train in Sydney). I’m not usually a tonkatsu fan but I came across their website and their claim to having the best tonkatsu in […]

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Festive season over-indulgence

January 3, 2009

Happy new year! The holiday season for me usually involves festivities with good food and wine enjoyed with friends and family – with high frequency. Here are some photos of our Christmas day lunch at my bf’s family’s house. They’re food lovers and fantastic entertainers, a winning formula for great feasts. There was a turkey, […]

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