Fair Dinkum barbequed prawn dumplings

April 3, 2011
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What do we consider Australian? What’s fair dinkum Aussie? For the uninitiated, “fair dinkum” is Australian lingo for “genuine”. It is a term probably lost of the current urban and multicultural generation, but one still stereotypically associated with farmers, the older generation, and folks born and bred in the country – generally those characters we […]

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Something different: homemade gnocchi

June 15, 2009

A few weeks ago we saw Chef Alex Herbert of Bird Cow Fish make her famous potato gnocchi with sauteed prawns in a burnt butter sauce on the Masterchef celebrity challenge against Masterchef contestant Chris. It looked delicious and we were reminded that it had been too long since the co-pilot and I had made […]

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Summer san choi bao

January 29, 2009

San choi bao is a perfect food to cook on hot, sticky summer nights. It’s light and refreshing whilst being more substantial than a mere salad. The hands-on aspect of compiling your own little lettuce cup package and trying to keep it perfectly wrapped as you inhale it just adds to its appeal. You often […]

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